Whether you are seeking spousal support or if you think you may be responsible for spousal support, we can represent your best interests in the courts so you get a fair judgment.

If, as in most cases, one spouse earns more than the other, but the couple shared household income during the marriage, the spouse who earns less will suffer a greater loss. California law ensures that spouses are not left destitute by a divorce in cases where they can demonstrate that they were financially dependent on their husbands or wives. Spousal support payments are intended to ensure that an economically disadvantaged spouse can maintain a standard of living after the marriage that is close to the standard established during the marriage.

In considering a request for spousal support, a court that is hearing a divorce case will consider the length of the marriage, relative earnings and estimated earning capacity of each spouse. If there is a major change in the financial situation of either party down the road, the court can make modifications to the support order as well. And while a court may not award alimony initially, they can reserve the right to award spousal support at a later date. Spousal support is subject to review if the circumstances have changed enough to warrant a change in support.