At Levin & Margolin, we can help determine the factors that will influence a child custody determination. A divorce can be a difficult time for a child so we consider the best interests of the child, first and foremost.

Many aspects of your child’s care are up for negotiation during the divorce process, and when it comes to custody the issues fall into two broad categories of legal custody and physical custody.

Parents who share legal custody of their child or children both have the right to make decisions for the child, including school, child care, religious activities, medical care, extracurricular activities, travel, and residence. Parents don’t have to agree on every decision, but to avoid having problems and ending up back in court, both parents should communicate with each other and make decisions together to assure a parenting plan that is in the best interest of the minor child or children.

We fight hard for our clients, while always keeping in mind that it is often in the child’s best interests to come to an amicable custody agreement, as it becomes a part of your daily, or weekly life. Children have the right to enjoy time with both parents, provided they are safe and cared for in the appropriate manner.